Our ‘so called’ movie stars are selfish- FIPAG PRO

The public relations officer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) has voiced her frustration on the selfishness portrayed by movie stars in the movie industry.

Madam Rosaline Osei the PRO of FIPAG said this in the following write up that was forwarded to Kessbenfm.com

Our so call movie stars are selfish and…. let me call it powerless , as stakeholders of the industry what are they doing to help of the collapsing of our film industry, the last time I checked, is was the same industry which made them stars that they are enjoying their big big properties now.

I wonder how they so interested in standing in a big election campaign platforms and afterwards they keep mute on speaking to the government about the hanging Film Art and also plead to the Parliament to pass the broadcasting bill.

I think it time for all of us to speak out loud about the broadcasting bill because we are jobless now because foreign contents on our TV station and the wrong showing time, 1000s of FILM !MAKERS are now facing joblessness, we need to voice out to our stakeholders. We need the politicians who used us for their campaign to listen to us. We need to survive.