Build And Maintain Bridges For Victory – Western North NPP Regional Chairman

The Western North Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, *Mr William Benjamin Assuah* and the entire Regional Secretariat have congratulated all Contestants and Delegates for the smooth and successful conduct of parliamentary primaries in our six(6) ‘orphan’ constituencies on Saturday, 28th September 2019.

This success has gone to deepen the democratic credentials of the party and reinforce the party’s position as the most democratic, tolerant and all-inclusive party in Ghana and the whole of Africa.
The Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition of the NPP believes that elections are the best means of selecting the best Human Resources from the lot. Again, we believe in cooperation after competition. To this end, we congratulate all successful Parliamentary Candidates and their supporters for the victory and urge them to be magnanimous in their celebrations. We urge them to maintain existing bridges and create new ones for victory 2020.
To the unsuccessful aspirants, we wish you better luck next time. Cooperate and work with the winners for the eventual victory of the party next Year. Our main opponent is the NDC and not ourselves.

In all, it was the NPP that won regardless of the personalities involved.

For the avoidance of doubt, below are the results from the six(6) ‘Orphan’ Constituencies in the Western North Region:

1. *Edward Kwame Osei-315 votes, representing 43.45% (Elected)*
2. Robert Coffie Amoakoh- 102 votes, representing 14.07%
3. Abanga Yakubu Fusani-304 votes, representing 41.93%

Total Valid Votes Cast 721
Total Number of Rejected Ballots 4
Total Votes Cast 725
Total Absent 31
Total Number of Delegates 756

1. Evans Amoah- 99 votes, representing 31.83%
2. *Yayin Nicholas Kupog-212 votes, representing 68.16% (Elected)*

Total Valid Votes Cast 311
Total Number of Rejected Ballots 0
Total Votes Cast 311
Total Absent 32
Total Number of Delegates 343

1. Anthony Marshall Arpoh- 146 votes, representing 21.44%
2. *Gyebi Blay Bernard- 535 votes, representing 78.56% (Elected)*

Total Valid Votes Cast 681
Total Number of Rejected Ballots 0
Total Votes Cast 681
Total Absent 79
Total Number of Delegates 760

1. Amoah Mensah Kennedy- 159 votes, representing 43.56%
2. *Hon. Ignatius Akwasi Amankwaah- 206 votes, representing 56.44% (Elected)*

Total Valid Votes Cast 365
Total Number of Rejected Ballots 0
Total Votes Cast 365
Total Absent 13
Total Number of Delegates 378

1. *Martha Kwayie Manu- 300 votes, representing 51.46% (Elected)*
2. Danso Simon Asamoah – 9 votes, representing 1.54%
3. Francis Afanyo Kwaku- 199 votes, representing 34.13%
4. Alexander Ampaabeng- 71 votes, representing 12.19%
5. Solomon Donkor- 1 vote, representing 0.17%

Total Valid Votes Cast 580
Total Number of Rejected Ballots 3
Total Votes Cast 583
Total Absent 30
Total Number of Delegates 613

1. *Frederick Addy – 175 votes, representing 69.17% (Elected)*
2. Hon. Christian Baah- 78 votes representing 30.83%

Total Valid Votes Cast 253
Total Number of Rejected Ballots 0
Total Votes Cast 253
Total Absent 9
Total Number of Delegates


Daniel Akwasi Nuako