Brother Sammy tells his story

To everything, there is a beginning and that could be rough or smooth. Brother Sammy, the gospel singer, tells Ghanaians how he became who he is today on the Music Plus show, hosted by Mr. Bonez.


Starting with, Brother Sammy said he had dreams of becoming a football player but had to divert to his nearer dream that is, singing “It was my dream to become a footballer but sometimes what we want does not equal with what God wants for us. He knows what is best and does for us” he said. The artist said he had lost his parents at a very young age, leaving him with the choice of staying with his pastor who lived in Brekum in the Brong East region. He also became the caretaker of the church and sometimes sang during church service, but that was a lighter note from which his career started. However, he had to move from Berekum to Kumasi if he wanted to earn a living.


Minister Sammy made it clear he did not take it any smoother from the beginning of his life and also through his career, though he is still facing some challenges. He said he started his career from singing in one church to another. However, he had people motivate him to do what he is best at and from there he went on to it. In everything he says, he gives to God for his success because, before his smash, he was already known to some pastors who played his music in their churches. He also revealed his hit started even without a producer.


Broda Sammy voiced out about the issues circulating about him recently on social media and made it clear he is not moved by what people say about him. With regards to his discovery and showcasing of a remedy to cure HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases, he said he made a huge mistake of not seeking the approval of the authorities before laying it out to the public. That is why he came out later after realization hit him, to apologize to Ghanaians, “I made a mistake doing that. I was supposed to get the approval of the authorities like the FDA, but I had no idea how that worked and I blame it all on my ignorance”, he said. He also pronounced the drug is still there and he is waiting for the approval of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).


As a renowned gospel artist in Ghana, he confessed his dislike of the highlife and hip pop music taking over the music industry and the country as a whole. He said that he will be happy to wake up one day to realize people are into gospel music more than they are in secular music.