Bombay Duncan (DCE Hopeful) Endorses vibrant NPP Youth for their next elections

A senior member of the Ashanti Regional NPP Communications team and once DCE aspirant for Atwima Nwabiagya district , DUNCAN BOMBAY , has ENDORSED the candidature of some VIBRANT youth in the next party elections . Below is the statement.

Posterity is enshrined in the youth, as nature has it that,as the aged is extincting, then the youth who constitutes the new generation, replenishes the aged hence the need to opportune the youth to practice leadership so as to build their capacity to make them more experienced to be able to deliver as equally or better as the aged did.

In fulfillment of the aforementioned prospects of youth leadership, I am clarionly calling on king makers or leadership procurers of NPP, to be precise, the electoral college or delegates, of our great and eminent party, NPP, to incontestably and massively elect the following vibrant, knowledgeable and exuberant youth to the positions of their interest and ambition to encourage youth leadership in NPP

*NANA BOAKYE aka NanaB as National Youth Organizer

*Moro Kabore aka MK as deputy regional secretary Ashanti

*Sarfo Raphael Patrick as regional youth organizer Ashanti

These exuberant youth gentlemen have more than what it takes to lead the party and I, Boateng Duncan, a brilliant-headed and connoisseur of party organization, who never endorses for endorsement sake but on purposeful, eligible and befitting and having subjected these three gentlemen into thorough and intuitive scrutiny I can unequivocally declare that even such positions they are pretentious are below their capabilities but to give a start they are worthy of endorsement and that, I have wholeheartedly endorsed their plight and same must be complied with by the delegates.

Delegates , Posterity of NPP is considerable hence future leaders of NPP must be tried and tested . In pursuance , I present to you NANA BOAKYE national youth organizer

MORO KABORE deputy regional secretary Ashanti

RAPHAEL PATRICK SARFO, youth organizer Ashanti region

For your total maximum and massive endorsement

Nana B, Kabore and Ralph receive my endorsement.

There is no room for shaking and panic . You have won the race in disguise . Eat and sleep.

You becoming as you have intended is predestined by GOD and that nothing can obstruct nor squelch the realization of it


Member Ash reg comm team; a Once DCE aspirant,
Incoming deputy regional organizer.

God bless NPP
God bless delegates
God bless Ghana

BOMBAY 0560 991037

( A Once DCE hopeful for Atwima Nwaabiagya )