Blame Producers If Kumawood Is Going Down Not The Actors – Frank Naro

Kumawood actor and musician Frank Osei was popularly known as frank Naro has dismissed claims by a section of the public that local movie actors are to be blamed if the movie industry is not how it was in the beginning.

“Anybody that says that should not be taken seriously, one of the things I have noticed is that people will always have something to say just to bring you down, so they always propagate that Kumawood actors are proud, which is so not true.” He said.

During an interview with Nana Osei-Kesse (Mr. Bonez) on Music Plus aired on Kessben Tv, Frank Naro said the movie industry might be going down because some movie producers don’t always keep to their side of the bargain as promised.

“For instance, if a producer calls me to be on set for a movie and we agree to a certain term, I expect the producer to fulfill his promise because there was an agreement. So, if at the end of the day, I come home and call you to keep your end of the bargain and you tell me and other producers that I am proud, that shouldn’t be tolerated, because this person is just there to spoil our brand and our opportunities.”

“Some of the producers can connive with themselves to promote one actor and bring another actor down because they feel the person has risen to the level

they can’t pay him”

“I was in Accra recently, and I had to book a flight to Kumasi because miracle films called me that he needs me urgently of which I came as soon as possible to finish up with my part, so why then do others want to blame the actors? If some of the producers say that then they are not being fair” he stated.

According to Naro, most producers refuse to seek the services of professional actors but prefer to use the services of unprofessional ones.

“There are so many things I don’t want to say, I practiced as an actor for 9 years, I stayed underground rehearsing for 7 months before I was given the opportunity to be in front of the camera, those were the days the movie industry was respected”

“But now, the producer will not seek the service of a professional actor, they just walk on the streets see a beautiful lady and hook them up for a movie. How do you expect the industry to grow in such an instance?” he asked.

Frank Naro declined if these producers has anything to do with these unprofessional actors before awarding roles but couldn’t decline a possibility.

“I can’t say they get to such a point with them, but you no anything can happen on set and we as human beings can go to all extremes to get something which I know is up to them”

By: Ofori