Blame E.P.A & A.M.A on the Frequent fire outbreaks and floods in the Capital – Student Leader opines

Greater Accra, the capital city of Ghana has recorded countless ARTIFICIAL floods, fire outbreaks, artificial vehicular accidents and other horrific occurrences due to the negligence and poor performance of the abovementioned institutions in the country.

✅ Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology must first be blamed on its purposive failure to ensure open sanity in the country, in this instance, on the streets of Accra in regards.

✅ A.M.A is also an underperforming institution that focuses on fat budgets and unnecessary allowances, but usually performs very less to the plights of Accra Natives. Maybe, they will perform better under the current government, and I hope so!

✅ E.P.A; this is another factitious agency under the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, and has been the least performing agency over the years with no positive track records. Find reasons below;

1. People build houses even at waterlogged areas as if its no one’s business, wherefore some institutions like E.P.A and A.M.A do nothing about it.

2. There are close areas within the corridors of Accra where people have put up filling stations and Gas, knowingly they are harmful to humans health, yet these A.M.A and E.P.A over the years have done nothing about it.

3. People keep throwing rubbish, rubber and other unwanted materials in open gutters here in the Greater Accra region, but no single person has been punished by law.
These agencies are quick to submit fat budgets every year, but too slow to do what’s expected of them.

What’s happening in this country? Do have to lose many lives every year before we do what’s right? Do we have to mourn each year because of these unfortunate happenings? Can’t we find an ending solution to these unfortunate happenings? Its about time they (EPA & A.M.A) are held responsible for these horrific happenings because Ghana, particularly the Greater Accra region deserves better from them.


OBENG DANIEL (Barrister)