Betway holds customers sensitization workshop in Kumasi

Betway an online sports betting company that operates under license from the games commission Ghana today held customers sensitization workshop for it’s clientele base in the region.

The workshop which was primarily conducted to educate customers and prospective customers about Betway online betting product and how it’s operate brought together young men and women under one roof to learn and ask questions about how the company operates.

The ocassion was also used to interact with the customers on the difficulties they encounter in assessing Betway betting products.

Some of the concerns raised by the participants at the workshop were allegations of match fixing, the role betting companies play to deprive their clients from winning, Why minors are allowed to bet in most circumstances and by so doing flouting the laws of the land and why Betway is embarking on paperless instead of normal manual process etc.

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Speaking to the media after the training workshop,Events and Sponsorhip Consultant of Betway Nana Kofi Odame reiterated that Betway do not indulge in match fixing in any way in response to the conscerns that were raised by the participants.He added that clubs pay huge sums as pay cheques to players to achieve laurels and wont stoop low to allow their teams down and block other benefits derived from other sponsors of the club.

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On the issue of minors indulging in betting and flouting the laws of Ghana, Nana Kofi Odame said that with Betway’s online betting which is connected to mobile money transaction, it is difficult to have minors patronising and flouting the laws of Ghana because you cannot have a mobile money registered line if you are not 18 or above.

The Events and Sponsorship Consultant added with Betway’s paperless or online betting, It affords customers to bet anytime,anywhere so far as they have internet connection and affords the affords them the extra edge to bet as and when they need too.

The Betway sports online betting company is the Official sponsor of Ashgold in the domestic Ghana premier league and West ham in the English premier league and several other clubs across the Globe it is a giant in the sports betting industry.