Benjamin Akowuah Acheampong writes: Let’s Eschew Hypocrisy And Look At The Bigger Picture In The US-Ghana Defence Cooperation Agreement

I have watched this video where Ghanaian Military forces were training some American Military Personnel in Jungle Warfare that seems to suggest that, the US military forces stands to benefit more from the training component as stipulated in the US-Ghana Defence Cooperation Agreement than our Ghanaian forces.

In as much as I believe Ghana has something tangible to offer, I believe this video tells only an aspect of the full story. What those who are trying to paint a lopsided picture refuse to see is the training the Ghanaian Soldiers would receive from our American Counterparts.

I made a point on TV Africa’s News Hour on Wednesday (11/04/18) that, key amongst the benefits we stand to benefit from this Defence Cooperation is the Security Intelligence and Sophistication of the American Forces in terms of Chemical Weapons, Air Force Operation, scientific military tools etc.
Training in Jungle Warfare is only an aspect of the whole defence cooperation arrangements.

I say this because, I dare say that a “3rd World War” if it will ever happen will not be fought in the jungle, neither will it be on a war front with an exchange of bullets but will be to a large extent, a demonstration of Chemical and/or nuclear weapons, Intelligence and Sophistication.

It will also show the synergies and strong alliances countries have built among themselves through joint Defence Cooperation Agreements such these. In which instance Ghana stands to be shielded by the US Forces by virtue of these agreements. The most recent example is joint Air Force Strike on Syria by the USA, FRANCE & UK Air Forces.

I think we need to look at bigger picture than to be misled by political sensationalism, and the hypocrisy demonstrated by some front liners in Ghana.

Respectfully Submitted.

Benjamin Akowuah Acheampong
Diplomacy & International Relations Analyst and FELLOW of Young Diplomats of Ghana (YDG)
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