Bawku must embrace peace for accelerated development – Garu MP

The Member of Parliament for the Garu Constituency, Albert Akuka Alalzuuga, has described the annual Sammanpiid Festival celebrated by the Chiefs and people in the Bawku Traditional area as a unifying centre.

He said it is a period chiefs, Queen mothers, opinion leaders and stakeholders in the area and those in the Diaspora meet to take stock and to initiate developmental projects.

Speaking to Radio Ghana’s Samuel Ayammah in Garu, Mr. Alalzuuga said the Kusaasis have a dynamic and vibrant culture coupled with historical heritage dating back to the pre-colonial era.

He said the festival has over the past thirty years foster peace, unity and development and must always be used as an important forum to remind everyone about the importance of peace and unity.

He urged Kusaasis in the Diaspora to support any initiatives for growth and development of the area.

The MP called on the organizers of the annual Sammanpiid festival to use the occasion to woo tourists and investors into the area. He expressed his happiness about the way residents in Bawku have come together to find a lasting solution to the conflict in the area.

Mr. Alalzuuga said the move will go a long way to attract more investors into the area. He said the festival should be modified into a global affair with attractive packages and promoted through aggressive marketing and advertising strategies for the benefit of the people for accelerated development.

He said the traditional area is endowed with rich cultural heritage such as monuments, folklore, artifacts and tourist sites, which could be transformed whiles maintaining their originality and uniqueness to attract tourists and investors.

Mr. Alalzuuga, therefore, urged traditional rulers and the assemblies in the area to join hands on deck to engage professionals to promote and market the festival for international recognition.

He said the Sammanpiid festival provides an opportunity for communal interaction and cohesion and the elimination of acrimony, bitterness and squabbles among the people.

He said the traditions of their ancestors are still an important part of their daily life.

Mr. Alalzuuga lauded MTN Ghana for supporting the festival over the years and called on benevolent organizations to emulate same.

The Garu Constituency MP seized the opportunity to wish his constituents a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

He said as they observe the occasion, they should all understand and appreciate the fact that, they all have contributions to make towards the development of the area.

Mr. Alalzuuga said it is therefore important to remind them of the need to be moderate and measured in their celebrations to avoid any unpleasant happenings that will be injurious to them, as individuals and the constituency at large.