Ballistic Experts Are The Best To Determine Sam George’s Fate – Lawyer Srem Sai

Lawyer Srem-Sai a law lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Law school, has appealed to the general public to exercise patience for the ballistic experts to know the type of bullets that Sam George presented to the commission.

According to him, bullets from law enforcement agencies come with serial numbers which makes it easy for experts to ascertain.

“Every gun has its bullet and as such every law enforcement agency’s gun has a serial number, therefore the ballistic experts are the best to know whether the bullets Sam George presented are from Ghana Police or Ghana Army forces,”

“You cannot buy bullets from outside which has the serial numbers of the Ghana police or the Military, it can only happen if it has been stolen. Generally, the police and the Military takes stocks of all their bullets from time to time, just like money, every money has its own serial number, so it is easy to know the date the money was printed and all necessary information, so in the same case nobody can identify those bullets presented by Sam George until their serial numbers are identified”

He further said: “We can’t tell if the bullets he presented was from the Ghana Police or the Ghana armed forces, we’ll know when the Ballistic agency investigates. He further stated that every bullet that is from any law enforcement agency is documented. He also concluded that those saying Sam George presented contaminated bullets should keep mute and wait for the results from the ballistic experts”

Speaking in an interview with Omanhene on Maakye aired on Kessben Fm/Kessben Tv, Lawyer Sai opined that commanders responsible for protecting the bullets should be asked to step down to enable smooth investigations.

“The commander in charge of the armory is still at post even during this time of investigations, it was best for him to be asked to step down for investigations to go on smoothly so that he can’t be able to tamper with evidence… Some of these things are disturbing because elsewhere people of the position involved in situations like this could be asked to step down so that investigation could go on.” He said.

By: Ofori