Ayanfuri community fights Perseus Mining Company on attempts to have it sold

The entire Ayanfuri  community and it’s  surrounding areas in the Denkyira east municipal of the central region are up in arms with Perseus Mining Company for reneging on its promises of giving them jobs in the company and  an  attempt by management of the Persus mining company to sell the  Persus mining company  and its concession to different mining company after destroying over two hundred houses in the community without any compensation.

The community, the punch newspaper learns have started series of protests against the mining company to press home their demand and resist their bogus attempt to sell the company.

Mr Yaw Gyamfi Spokesperson and leader for the community,told the punch newspaper after touring the mining site of the company that the action of the entire community by resisting management to sell the company to different firm is  as a result of the company’s Human Resource Manager’s blatant disregard of an agreement the communities have with the company.

“There is an existing agreement between the Chiefs and people of Ayanfuri and surrounding communities and the mining company but they (Perseus mining company) failed in  implementing it.

According to Mr Yaw Gyamfi,the company keep on recruiting people from outside the community to undertake  jobs leaving able men within the community who  are capable of and ready to render their  service to the company.

We are not saying the company should engage our people in positions they are not capable to handle,but at least, those areas they discussed with us, they should implement it”, he passionately told the punch newspaper.

According to Mr Yaw Gyamfi,any company who dare buy Perseus mining company from management of the company will suffer the penalty for it because the whole community will not hesitate to stage on demonstration against them.

In a visit to the Ayamfuri community last Tuesday it was detected that closed to over  200 buildings have suffered deep cracks because of the mining activities.

According to one Jebril, a resident and a victim of the affected houses said, when there is a blast of stones by the mining company the whole houses near the mining site vibrates and consequently cracks the walls of their buildings.
Again,the company uses some dangerous chemicals in their operations which in it negative effect rust the roof on top of  their buildings and infect them with  many diseases like cough and other communicable diseases.He said, he together with his wife and other  three daughters have coughed for the past years all because of the mining activities.

He said complaints have been made to appropriate bodies but management of Perseus mining company have failed to honor his complaints but deliberately want to  sneak and sell the company and leave the community.

He reaffirmed that ,the company he understands is selling the mining concession to different mining company after destroying their houses and water bodies and failure to honor their promises.

We will therefore resist any attempt by the company to sell the concession without any compensation to us.
Again trouble awaits any company who dare buy the concession of Persus mining company.He further warn.
Credit:Fosterayisah53 @gmail.com