Australia to deport Ghanaians for no passports

Scores of Ghanaians living in Australia are at risk of deportation following a decision by the Australian authorities to deny them an extension of visas because of lack of passports.

The passports have reportedly been brought to Ghana for renewal but are yet to be returned after several months.

The affected individuals have been living in Australia without the passports for nearly two years and have been offered a 28-day period of appeal by the Australian authorities before deportation.

A Ghanaian resident in Australia, Frank Ampadu, whose family is affected shared his frustration with Starr News.

“You have just 28 days to appeal. And appeal what you are going to stand on because the reason why your visa has been refused is because you were not able to submit your passport. Even if you appeal, on what grounds are you appealing? it’s either you come home or I don’t know what else you can do,” he bemoaned.