Audio:More Curses invoked at Nkoranza over micro finances investment saga

Concern Depositors of micro finances investment companies in Nkoranza led by Mr kwakuba Kwaku aka opinion has invoked curses on five microfinance investment companies on accusations of frauds.

The five micro financial institutions  includes God is love, jester motors, DKM, little Drop, and etc.
He Again invoked curses on Electoral commission of Ghana not to supervise both Nkoranza North and South district Assembly Elections otherwise there will face wrath of the gods.


According to mr kwakuba Kwaku over a period of time they were promised by the former government and the current government to pay their monies back to them, after bank of Ghana freezes the microfinance investment companies accounts but to know avail. Therefore the only option left is to invoke curses .

Mr Kwakuba Kwaku told peace FM news that ,though Nkoranza Queen mother has place a ban on invoking curses in the area but they will curse until the Queen mother collected their monies for them.




Credit:Addaimununkum Nkomode Fm