Attorney General Files Ex Parte Motion To Dissolve GFA

The Attorney General on Tuesday 12th June, 2018 filed an ex parte motion to liquidate Ghana Football Association and stop them from engaging in football and its related activities.

The legal Council of government comprised of Mrs Sophia Akufo, Attorney General who is the lead council, Hon. Joseph Dindiome Kpempkwa, Deputy Attorney General, Mrs Ellen Doe, Solicitor General and the Chief State Attorney, Mrs Stella Badu.

They moved an ex parte motion to restrain Directors and members of Ghana Football Association from exercising their powers conferred on them to exercise various functions in accordance with the law which constituted the football governing body.

“My Lord, I seek this relief from your court today; an order for official winding up of GFA, restrain members from performing functions conferred on them and order, appointing registrar to perform function as an official liquidator”, Government Council requested.

She argued that the Ghana Football Association is being used for illegal purposes and businesses not sanctioned by the state. She added that the state finance some of the activities of GFA so the state has to step in to protect the interest of the public.

She stressed that the Ghana Football Association competes in various competitions in the name of Ghana. “My Lord, I can site Ghana Black Stars, Ghana Black Queens, among others which have Ghana before other names always come. We attach the Gyemefeh Commission report as disposition”, Attorney General, Sophia Akufo argued.

The Attorney General indicated to the Court that the Ghana Football Association has become an emblem of scandal which the officials put in charge of administration in the country use to perpetrate corruption.

She added that it is as a result of these illegal enterprises that the then President of Ghana set up a Commission of Enquiry in 2014 to investigate the football governing body which the report showed that the GFA engaged in illegal money payments and other financial irregularities. She added that the people who run the Association has used it to enrich themselves.

She argued that from Anas’ video, it is clear indication that the Ghana Football Association cannot continue to exist because the former GFA President and others engaged in corrupt activities which was captured in the video. “The video has showed how low the GFA has sunk and cannot legally continue to exist”, the lead Council for government posited.

She argued that the officials went further to fix extremely important matches such as Hearts of Oak versus Kotoko which could have erupted another disaster. She bemoaned that the Ghana Football Association has lost its image to run as football governing body so begged the court to grant permission for its liquidation.

High Court Judge, Justice Samuel Asiedu pronounced interim injunction on Ghana Football Association for ten working days after hearing a motion filed by the lead Council for government Mrs Sophia Akufo, Attorney General and Minister for Justice.