Assemblywoman supports Youth in Soap-making

The Assemblywoman for Dwaaho Electoral Area in the Ahafo Ano-North District in the Ashanti region has organized Soapmaking training for some youth in the area.

Dwaaho is a farming community and the only source of income for the people in the community is farming. Few years now, due to the cost involved in modern day farming and acquisition of land it has derailed most of the youth from farming which is increasing unemployment rate and increasing teenage pregnancy and urban migration among the youth in the area.

Hon Comfort Yaa Darbo with the help from Prefos organised Soap making Training for Twenty-five (25) youth both males and females in the community.

The participants acquired knowledge of making some range of products such as; Bar Soap, Mini Soap, Toilet Soap, Liquid Soap, Alata Samina, Azuma Samina, Kummadada among others.

During the launch of BLESS 1 SOAP MAKING ASSOCIATION the assembly member urged the participants to use the skills acquired as their profession to improve their standard of living and also as an additional income to support their families. She also stated that with this,it will remedy the unemployment rate in the community.

Hon. Comfort Yaa Darbo also appealed to the public especially NGOs, Corporate bodies and individuals to support the project financially to be able extend the training to some other groups.