Assemblies Need Maintenance Team – Nkansah Alex Opines

In recent times, there has been increasing rate of the urgent needs for furniture at the various basic schools which is very much alarming. This has put so much pressure on the various district assemblies including (municipality and metropolitan) in the country to furnish these schools with desks.

However, these desks upon further investigations show a clear lack of maintenance culture. It is in a bid of this that Alex Nkansah, a tutor in Apam Senior High School suggests that every district/municipal/ metropolitan assemblies should have “standing maintenance team” with experts such as carpenters who are either employees of Youth Employment Agencies (YEA) or the Assemblies whose duties will be among other things to conduct periodic visits to schools to check on the status of desks, tables and facilities to ensure that they are in good shape.

Hon. Isaac Awuah, the MCE for Upper Denkyira East Municipality and Hon. Nana Amoako, the MP for Upper Denkyira East Constituency in particular has done his best for the provision of 300 dual desks and tables to Boa Amponsem SHS to support the free SHS program and many other schools in the constituency with the promise of providing more desks and tables to schools in the constituency soon.

While there are clear cases of insufficient desks in some schools, if and only if serious maintenance culture is adopted, especially with the institution of the “Assembly Maintenance Team”, the various cries by school authorities for desks and tables, virtually in every academic term, will become a thing of the past as most of these desks only need a little fixing of nails, destroying one desk to make about five other desks strong and working, etc.



Nkansah, Alex (Tutor, Apam SHS)