VIDEO: Ashanti region will see good roads in 7 months time – Chairman Wontumi assures

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party ( NPP), Mr Bernard Antwi Boasiako says the region will soon see good roads.

Speaking to Omanhene Adu Boakye,  Host of Kessben Tv’s Amansan Tie programme last Saturday, Chairman Boasiako also known as Wontumi assured that in 7months time people in the region will smile at good roads in every corner of the ancient region.

He said all roads captured in the greater Kumasi road projects and those under the Syno-Hydro contract would see vigorous work on them.

Chairman Wontumi revealed that government had sought for money amounting to about 200million dollars to finish off all roads commenced in 2018, 2019.

“My brother we don’t want to continue to blame anybody for the bad roads because all have seen that the Mahama administration came to milk the country dry and Ashanti has suffered the most but we are committed to reversing the trend”, Chairman Wontumi posited.

Explaining the banking crisis that hit the country last year, Chairman Boasiako said the NDC had left the banks insolvent by the crude activities they engaged in.

He said realising the mess in which most of them were the President decided to halt same and put them back to work through the consolidated bank group.

Mr Wontumi said but for the timely intervention of the Finance Ministry and the Bank of Ghana all the banks in the country would have grinded to a halt.

He stressed that not wanting to make depositors feel the brunt of the inaction of most of the CEOs and Bank owners the President decided to pump in about 2billion cedis to rescue same and pay back the funds of depositors.

“But for the NPP these liquidated banks would have shortchanged depositors because they had collapsed and were only existing because most customers had their funds including fixed deposits  in there and it was a bold decision by Nana Addo to save our banks by pumping in about 2billion cedis”, Mr Wontumi noted.

Chairman Wontumi said the NPP was shaping up for a vigorous campaign to retain power in the upcoming December elections.

He noted that the party had in three years implemented programs and projects whose fruits were already seen, adding that the party has a strong message to tell the people of Ghana.

The Free SHS, the one village one dam, one district one warehouse and planting for food and jobs policies, the regional chairman stressed were initiatives shoring up the economy of Ghana.

He insisted that but for NABCO many of the youth would still be staying at the house after completing school.

The restoration of the teacher and nursing trainee allowances, Mr Boasiako intimated had relieved parents from the burden of having to feed their wards in these colleges.

“Winning the 2020 general election is non-negotiable because we have done what the NDC could not do in 8years and we are committed to doing more with another mandate the people of Ghana would give us”, Mr Boasiako passionately posited.