Ashanti Gold CEO Not Surprised by Normalization committee’s decision

The Normalizations Committee (N.C) of the Ghana Football Association in the late afternoon of Monday, February 11 rescinded their decision to organize a special competition for the elite and the second-tier clubs in Ghana.

According to Frederick Acheampong, CEO of Obuasi based football club, Ashanti Gold, the decision by the Normalization Committee came as no surprise to him because the committee resisted cooperating with the premier league clubs involved.

“First of all, they were supposed to engage the clubs as to the format they wanted to bring on board, but they brought their own format and whatever format they brought was dead on arrival because it was so wrong per the status they were operating with”

At the aftermath of corruption scandals in the Ghana Football Association last year June, an interim body (Normalization Committee) was tasked by the Ghanaian government together with FIFA and CAF to temporarily manage the affairs of football.

The commission after a thorough meeting with club leaders announced a new tournament which was designed to keep clubs active and make fans throng to stadiums again until the start of a new season, but few days into the commencement of the tournament, the committee announced of its cancellation which Mr. Acheampong believes the failure was because the committee failed to disclose the amount due the premier league clubs.

“First, they said twenty thousand cedis (20,000)for appearance fee, then we said it was too small, because if you are getting eight hundred thousand (800,000)dollars and you are giving premier league and the other divisions twenty thousand Ghana cedis (20,000) which is four thousand (4,000)dollars per the rate today, and we complained it was too small, which they said was because they had to pay referees and other people involved”

“Then the clubs continued lamenting that the money was still small and an additional four hundred thousand (400,000) dollars were added by the ministry of sports making it a total of 1.2 million which they failed to tell the premier league clubs how much they will get for participating. What stops the Normalization committee from telling premier league clubs how much they are getting?” he asked.

The vociferous sports analyst further reiterated that the decision by the normalization committee to deprive clubs the details of contracts was part of the reasons Ghana football collapsed.

“if you go to their office to ask questions, they are not prepared to answer you, so the clubs have to wait for them to engage the media, that is where the media gets the opportunity to ask them questions, and whether they will give details or not is up to them”

“This was how Ghana Football was before, they sign sponsorship deals and they decide not to give details, why must we go back to the same thing?”

By: Ofori