An Open Letter To My MP, Hon. Isaac Adongo – Iddi Muhayu-Deen

Dear Adongo (Hon),

I bring you warm greetings from the constituency, Bolgatanga Central and wish to commend you for giving us a “representation” in Parliament following your emphatic election as our MP in the last general elections. However, as one of your constituents, I have become increasingly worried in recent times, at the rate at which your name finds space in the media and in our national discourse on daily basis, for all the wrong reasons.

Anytime Adongo is mentioned of late, it is either that you are fighting with the host of a radio/tv talkshow and leaving their studios angrily; or you’ve gone to make some weird economic analysis that sees everybody laughing; or your rising indebtedness to a local bank is suffocating the bank; or you are promising indigenous banks that a future NDC government will allow them to operate whether or not they have license and have met the relevant requirements of the law; or you have engaged yourself in one form of misconduct or another.

Your recent trademark, as we have become aware, is your penchant of launching gratuitous attacks on the institution of Parliament and describing the work of a committee of Parliament as “rubber stamp and a coverup”. How contemptuous! Why do you think that out of the 275 MPs including those from your caucus (NDC MPs), you are the ONLY MP who can separate right from wrong? Why would you, instead of raise your concern on a matter at that proper forum, rather stage a walkout from the Committee Sitting and then rush to the media to make your case? Why do you seek such cheap popularity? What for?

With all due respect honorable, we, your constituents in Bolgatanga, are feeling LET DOWN by your growing infamy. Regrettably, it appears you measure your relevance based on how much you are involved in needless controversies. Please, we voted for you primarily to advance our cause in Parliament. We voted for you to get us the needed development. We voted for you to give us hope. We didn’t vote for you to give us worries. We didn’t vote for you to give us pettiness and absurdities. We didn’t vote for you to give us comic relief. We are a serious people and we demand same from you. This was not what we voted for. We, the people Bolga Central, certainly deserve better from you (our MP).

Finally, I get very irritated when I hear people call you “Bolga Bawumia”. You really think you are deserving to be associated with that name? A name that embodies an institution of hope and economic prosperity. You certainly cannot be a Bawumia if you continue to engage in such pettiness. You don’t talk anyhow and expect to be associated with the name, Bawumia. Kindly do not let your ardent supporters desecrate the sanctity of that revered name. And please, before I let go of you, I wish to remind you of the popular dictum that, wise people talk because they have something to say and NOT because they want to say something. #Word

Assalamu alaik

Yours in Service of Bolga and Country,

Iddi Muhayu-Deen