Ambulance destroys traffic lights

Most ambulance drivers in Ghana tend to think they are an exemption to the traffic rule in the country, that may be true but does not mean you should not slow down.

Ambulances over-speed even when they do not have emergencies and that sometimes causes mayhem on our high ways.

A driver over-speeding an ambulance with registration GV1312- 14 on the Kumasi Asafo interchange has ran into a working traffic light just in front of A-life super market, completely destroying it in the process.

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The driver refused to slow down even though there was a private car right in front of him and opted for the traffic light instead crushing into the Toyota Armada 4×4.

The MTTU officer at the scene also refused to comment.

The ambulance had no emergency according to reports so one may wonder what was the over speeding and horn blowing for, will the traffic light ever be fixed, what will happen to the ambulance driver.

No casualties were recorded.

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