Allow the president to operate for he knows best for the country- Chairman MOTGHAN

The Chairman For an Effective Non Governmental Organization ,Mother Ghana Network International

( MOTGHAN ),Hon.Rev.Samuel Asare – Korang expressing views on the current Galamsey issues roaming on all media platforms has advised the Entire Public to ‘Allow the President His Excellency Dr.Lawyer Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to operate for He knows best for the country’ .

Moreover ,He penciled out that Ghanaians entrusted the Country Into His hands and this entails they had hope in him , so for that matter all throwing fire should seize it as we watch him putting the Country on a path which He think Will aid developed the Country and benefits the people .

He Furthered ,All researches and findings conducted by the Mother Ghana Network International ( MOTGHAN ) NGO was in clear view that Galamsey operations in the Country has done to Ghana more harm than that of good and He think is in this same sentiment that has pushed the President to come out boldly to eradicate it from the Country.

In conclusion ,He lamented that in the exception of those galamseyers employing much of the youth ,
Sexually transmitted Diseases ,Death trap pits , Teenage pregnancies , Drugs abuses ,destroying water Bodies ,destroying reserved forest , students refusing to go to school etc is the garbage they leave on on our belove country Ghana at the end which is very disgusting .