Ali Suraj Commends President Akufo Addo For Wonderful Address On Ghana-US Military Agreement

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo, the President of the Republic displayed heightened sense of statesmanship, tolerance and a call for responsibility and fairness in the field of politics. I have earlier in a piece exposed the double standards and Oscar winning hypocrisy of the NDC. The address of the President has indeed reinforced my thoughts about our friends on the opposition bench.

The President stated with the clearance affirmation that “the US has not set up a military base in Ghana and a request for same has not been made”. The principle of reciprocity apply to every provision of the agreement. It wrecks my heart that today the NDC is faulting this agreement when they laid the first foundation for the bilateral arrangements. The filthiness of the NDC propaganda is sickening and stenchy.

The delivery of the President has brought more clarity, certainty and hence finality to the matter. I must pat the President on the back for bespeaking what the NDC really are- hypocrites, saboteurs, naysayers and a group of individuals with questionable patriotism; who only wish unwell for Ghana if the rulership of the country is off their reach.


Ali Suraj
The Next National Nasara Coordinator