Ali Suraj calls on indisposed Western Regional Nasara Coordinator

Ali Suraj yesterday touched down in Tamale for all your intent and purpose to pay a courtesy call on the indisposed western regional Nasara coordinator at the Tamale Teaching Hospital. In company, was Mr. Shamuna, the Northern Regional Nasara coordinator.

It was a worrying ambience and sight to behold as the rather vibrant coordinator was clearly bedridden. Ali Suraj did not hesitate to say words of prayers for him. Indeed, he visibly felt very happy to see Ali Suraj at his side. He also handed some handouts to him that will at least smoothen the condition in the hospital.

Considering his condition and the fact that we are each brother’s keeper, we can support one of our own Nasara Coordinator in cash, kind and prayers. I humbly appeal to all members of NPP to donate some token as we support him. You can donate through the Mobile Money Number *0545115840*
We pray that Allah grants him a speedy recovery and strength.



Ali Suraj- Your Next National Nasara Coordinator, Insha Allah.