Alhaji Iddi Muhayu-Deen writes: Why Mete Out Brutal Force Against Unarmed Students Ghana Police

You mete out mayhem and use such brutal force against unarmed and non-violent civilians without any provocation. Even when we were retreating, you chased us and beat those you could lay your hands on. You arrested at least 13 of our members. You compelled us to seek refuge at a foreign embassy in our own country. You subjected someone like me to so much trauma yesterday because in my entire life, I never witnessed such gory spectacle.

What was our offence? For embarking on a peaceful procession, having duly notified the police as required of us by law, to present a simple petition to our own government on legal education reforms. We were thus, only engaged in a democratic exercise in pursuit of our educational right which finds expression in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

And as if this was not enough, to add more and more insult to injury, you now issue a statement accusing us of pelting you with stones. Even the media personnel who were with us throughout the procession were shocked at the palpable falsity of your claims. Let it be said to the Ghana Police Service that there is God ooooo and that, one day; just one day, we shall all be held answerable to our deeds.

Initially, our “fight” was with the General Legal Council and its chairperson, Chief Justice Sophia Akufo, but now, in view of the sheer recklessness and abuse of power by the police, the President of the Republic, who had lived all his adult life fighting for human rights and legal reforms, has been roped in. The justification for this is that the police is an extension of the Executive. President Akufo-Addo, the human right fighter of great repute, does not deserve this from the police.

Personally, I totally disagree with any suggestion that the President should be blamed for the unprofessional conduct of the police in view of the fact that I am not unaware of the President’s unwavering commitment to the tenets of democracy and the rule of law. But, I cannot begrudge my colleagues who hold that opinion. It is not about what I think, feel or know. It is about what others think or perceive.

And so, to vindicate my position, I humbly suggest that the President should direct his security chiefs to sanction whosoever gave that unlawful order, as well as all the personnel who executed same because in law, no subordinate is under an obligation to obey unlawful order from his/her superior. That is the only way President Akufo-Addo can purge himself and his government of this national disgrace. We demand JUSTICE!!!

Assalamu alaik