Akyem Abuakwa Presbytery embark on tree planting exercise; let’s save the environment

The Akyem Abuakwa presbytery of the Presbyterian church of Ghana has embark on tree planting exercise.

The presbytery chairman Rev.Seth Kissi told the press about their main motive of the exercise ,

According to Rev. Seth Kissi , as a church ,they see that as a way of fulfilling their duties as stewards of God’s creation ,

To him, the church preach about stewardship of the environment and he believe that ,this is also one of the things the church can do to fulfill their calling as Christians .

He said, the church knows the importance of the environment and aware of how most people are depleting the forest reserve as a results of damaging the echo system.
” we all know the negative effect of the weather in recent times .

According to him , farmers of many parts of the country hardly predict and forecast the weather.

In recent times,the rain set in, they had a number of their schools, missions, and chapels being affected by the storm and they spend huge amount of money in repairing them.

According to him , if they had trees around these areas , the trees would have saved the roof from ripping off,
So he ( Rev. Seth Kissi) believe that, tree planting, is just as one the ways the church is exercising their responsibility as stewards of the environment.

He added that, this exercise is taking place in all the Akyem Abuakwa presbytery

“When the last tree dies , the last man dies” he said.

According to him, his Royal Majesty the Okyehene Amoatia Ofori panin as part of his twentieth anniversary supporting this exercise

Rev Seth, stressed that , This tree planting exercise is going to control rainstorms and others to curb the amount of depletion on the environment,
It’s also going to replace the felling down trees around the church and the schools as well as the missions.

According, to him, he will will entreat all Christians to emulate this course to protect the environment and also reserve God’s creation.