Aggrieved NDC members curse NPP and EC

A group of people believed to be supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has poured libation raining curses on NPP and the Electoral Commission (EC) of any illegal activity in the ongoing registration and in the 2020 election in Ashanti Region Kumasi.

In the video sighted by Kessben Media, about 12 people who had covered their faces, had NDC flags and posters all over the building in which they were standing in front.

Leader of the group, who was seen holding a local gin, was also heard reciting an incantation as he poured the libation. In the incantations, he rained curses on “any parent whose child is not 18 years or above and decides to let the child register.”

Speaking on the issue, the Ashanti Regional Communications Director of the opposition party (NDC), Nurudeen Abass, affirmed his support for the actions sighting mistrust in the EC.

According to him, NPP is bribing and mobilizing children under 18 years to registration centers for registration.
He said, “They (NPP) dresses children who are not up to 18 years and make them look as if they are and when we challenge them they bring in the delta and invisible forces to stop us”

He continued that, “our election is now full of lies, corruption, and deception, therefore if things get out of hands, anything that can be done to protect your interest must be done.
According to Abass, the country should not be surprised at the outcome because it is not the first time such an incident has happened.

“Politically this is not the first time a political party feels cheated and wants to petitions the gods to intervene on their behalf, the supreme court of our ancestors takes no bribe.’

The Electoral Commission of Ghana was cleared by the supreme court to do the limited registration after an injunction application which sought to restrain the Commission from undertaking the exercise.

The limited voters’ registration which was initially scheduled to begin on June 7 and end on June 27 but was stalled by the suit was then scheduled to commence on Monday, June 17, 2019, and end on Sunday, July 7, 2019.

Regina Owusu/