Ablorh Adjei Road Closes On Thursday For Construction Of Culvert

The Ablorh Adjei road in the Ga East Municipality will from Thursday, 24th October, 2019, be closed to traffic to allow for the construction of the culvert at Ablorh Adjei.

The culvert, constructed 40 years ago (in 1979), by Mogya Bi Yedom Construction Limited, has become too small to contain the volume of water that runs through it.

It is noted to be one of the flood-prone areas in the municipality and often creates huge vehicular traffic and, in some cases, causes accidents when major flooding occurs in the area.

The construction of the new box culvert, measuring four metres by two metres by nine metres (4m x 2m x 9m) in width, height and length, respectively, with a 15 metre-storm drain, will come as a huge relief to residents in the area and motorist who ply that road to and from Abokobi and it’s environs.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Janet Tulasi Mensah, who, on Wednesday afternoon, inspected the road earmarked for diversion, expressed great delight at the commencement of the project.

“This is really great news to us as Assembly and, I believe, to the residents and all road users. We all know how this place looks like and the discomfort it brings to us all when there’s is a dounpour so we thank God that finally this culvert is going to be constructed”, she noted.

She appealed to the road users and residents to bear with the Assembly for the inconveniences that the construction of the culvert will cause.

“I am appealing to our residents and motorists to cooperate with and support us to execute this project. I know it will bring some inconveniences to us all but we should look at the overall good of the project and allow the work to go on smoothly”, the MCE said.

The Municipal Urban Roads Engineer, Mr Aboagye Forster, said the project has become necessary owing to its inability to contain much flow of water.

“We’re constructing this culvert to improve the traffic situation in the area and also to curb the flooding issues here. This is going to be a box culvert and besides the road construction is also ongoing so meaning we’re improving the road network in the Old Ashongman, Ablorh Adjei area”, Mr. Aboagye stated.

He indicated that necessary arrangement has been made to ensure smooth diversion of traffic off the main Ablorh Adjei road and appealed to motorists to cooperate and comply with this.

“The diversion was the challenge we were facing but so far so good we’ve gotten a place for the cars to manuevor through. It’s not a big road so we’re not authorizing the big cars or the heavy vehicles to use, it’s just for the light vehicles to use because of the width of the road. Apart from the diversional sgns mounted, our Guards will also be on site to direct traffic and ensure smooth commuting on the road”, the GEMA Urban Roads Engineer noted.

The construction of the culvert which is funded from the Assembly’s District Development Fund (DDF) is expected to be completed within two (2) calendar months.

Source: Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman