AbenaKay Inspires: I am where I am because of Mums positive influence

I was born into a Typical Ashanti home where adults were always right and kids had no say. My mother along with my Granma single handedly raised me. They were always right. I had to be what they want, how they wanted, why they wanted me to be who and what they wanted. I never asked questions as to why I couldn’t play with other kids and why I couldn’t stay out after 7pm. I just didn’t get the motive behind why I had to read every Post when am walking with Granma and why I had to spend time at the Ashanti Library during Vacations.
I wondered when things would change. I dreaded Teenage Pregnancy because Mom would have skinned me alive. Just a look at my mom’s eye whenever I wanted to have my way was more than a thousand strokes of canes.

I remember once,Mummy gave me some heavy lashes because she saw me talking to some street guys and that day, I vowed to tell my story in a different way.
Today, am not telling my story the complete way. No ! Actually, my story has just began but take it from me, all these experiences are what has made me who I am today. I count it all Grace but also Hardwork.

You wonder why I speak such impeccable English but you have no Idea how many words I had to spell each night before sleeping. You wonder why some of the girls my age couldn’t get far. Well, some unfortuantely are where they are not because they wished for so, but others just didn’t have to go through what Mom took me through.
Now, I meet young girls younger than me, and am filled with Life each time even one out of the thousands see me as an Icon and wishes to be Me someday. Yes ! I AGREE WITH YOU. I MAY BE A NOBODY NOW. But trust me, my past experiences is turning me into an Outstanding Young Lady for this generation sooner than you can imagine.

*I am not boasting of an achievement. I am here to tell you that, whatever you may be going through now, You need it for the Future so do yourself a favour and pass through.*
*Don’t Focus on now. Focus on how Amazing this training would transform you and many through your Story.*

It Is Well !!!