A Ghanaian International Student Donates To China To Help Fight COVID-19

A quote by Mother Theresa expresses the thought and spirit of Mr. Michael Amponsah, a Ghanaian International student studying in Hainan Medical University in China. “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”- Mother Theresa.

The student has magnanimously donated n95 surgical masks worth 10, 000 Yuan (equivalent of $1500) to China towards the fight and containment of covid-2019 in the People’s Republic of China.

This kind of gesture was offered by the student as a result of his believe in charity and the biblical mandate assigned by Christ to all Christians to give generously. The donor, a medical student, who has lived in China since 2014 and deems China as his second home, stressed that this period of Covid-19 is critical to the healthcare and public health of China and the world and therefore deems it a personal charge to assist China, at the time where medical supplies especially surgical masks are scarce and badly needed.

The objective of Mr. Amponsah to offer this donation is to assist and contribute his quota to ease the burden of doctors and nurses who are fighting the epidemic.

The Medical doctor in charge of Hainan Medical University who received the donation thanked Mr. Amponsah and stressed that he has exhibited love and kindness towards humanity and China. In an act of expressing gratitude, the hospital issued to him a certificate to acknowledge the receipt of his donation.

The student graciously pledged to continuously monitor the situation and offer his support and assistance in all diverse ways that he can to help fight the epidemic in China. While he reaffirmed his trust in Chinese medical doctors, public health practitioners and authorities that the epidemic will be defeated and lives will be safeguarded.  

In a short but touchy remarks, he expressed his heartfelt love and prayers for the people of China and the world at large in this era of the coronavirus fight. More so, he admonished all people to keep to the best personal hygiene and to be committed to health safety precautions that are put in place by China’s public health authorities to avert been infested.